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Voted Australia's Best Meat Pies

Australian’s love the good old Aussie Meat Pie, in fact over the years it has become an icon of the Australian Culture.

Now we have all too many pies to chose from and even gourmet pies which have become a popular choice amongst pie connoisseurs.

Such is the great choice of pies today “The Great Aussie Pie Competition” evolved, becoming a major food event held annually in Sydney & Melbourne.

In fact Pies are being judged all over the place at food fairs, town fairs, country shows and through media and other public events.

So one could imagine with all this “Pie Action” it would be a great challenge for any one baker to win a best pie competition.

Fortunately and after much effort and culinary integrity, Glenorie Bakery was successful in winning a series of best pie awards including gold, silver and bronze.

Many awards followed, then in June 2011 at the newly opened Australia’s Outback Bakehouse Windsor “The Sydney Daily Telegraph food editor of Taste voted their Beef Pie in the top 5 pies in Sydney.

“As a family business we are stoked” says Robert Pirnia (Young Entrepreneur of the year 2011). We have worked very hard to make the best pies and we now know we are amongst the best.

Each week make thousand of freshly baked pies, sausage rolls and vegetarian varieties too. I believe our success comes from making the lightest pastry, choosing quality, Australian, beef and other natural ingredients.

Unlike many of our competitors we bake in small batches throughout the day, this ensures the pies are not only fresh, but hot too.

I invite you and others to be the ultimate judge as it is said “the proof of the pie is in the eating”!

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