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Signature Meat Pie

Our signature recipe with 100% beef and our special gravy. (Voted No.1 in Sydney 2007)

Beef & Curry

Our award winning beef recipe with traditional Indian curry.

The Bega Pie - Beef, Cheese & Bacon

Our chunky beef recipe with tasty cheese and lean diced bacon.

Beef, Tomato & Mushroom

Our chunky beef recipe, locally grown tomatoes and button mushrooms.

Beef, Tomato & Onion

Our chunky beef recipe with tomato and onion.

Beef & Mushroom

Our chunky beef with recipe with button mushrooms.

Beef Curry

Our chunky beef recipe with a delicious blend of Indian curry spices.

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Beef & Pepper

Beef, sauteed onions, potatoes, cracked pepper and mixed herbs.

Beef & Pea

Our chunky beef recipe topped with peas.

The Macarthur Pie - Beef Burgundy

Chunky beef mixed with red wine sauce, stewed carrots and onions.

Chicken & Vegetables

Chicken breast mixed with a blend of leeks, carrots and onion.


Tender lamb, seasoned with delicious gravy.


Zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant and onions blended in an italian tomato sauce.

Beef & Potato

Chunky beef base with potato mash blended with our own secret herbs and spices. Topped with melted cheese.

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Outback Sausage Roll

100% beef blended with our special herbs and spices.

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Spinach and Fetta Roll

Fresh spinach and ricotta cheese wrapped in puff pastry.

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